• For centuries, the Druadan Federation stood in peace and prosperity, built upon the foundations of Logic and Technology. Following the tenets of the Neocovenant, The Druadans had created a society of Enlightenment on the ashes of a dark, forgotten past. But within the brightest light, lies the darkest shadow.
  • A mysterious nation rises from the North, bringing with it more than destruction: rumour has it the Aruthans can perform feats beyond belief; magical. As logic and technology are put to the test, It falls upon you to investigate the origins of the Aruthans and rally the forces of the Federation against the occult; against the unknown.


  • A new gameplay paradigm: Deathfall brings strategy elements to the classic third-person action genre, to provide a truly epic experience. The result is a fast paced, non-repetitive game that will challenge both your reflexes and your wits.
  • A unique, intricately detailed world undergoes profound changes as the conflict between magic and technology brings about utter obliteration. In this bleak setting, ten heroes, each with their own background, will need to unlock their world's past in order to secure it's future.
  • Epic battles: Lead your armies with your favourite heroes in battles of hundreds of units. Use each hero's unique skills during the battle and combine the special abilities of your forces to prevail against impossible odds.
  • Customizable heroes and armies: Master new abilities and explore new tactics as you advance. Customize your entire army to fit your gameplay style and use that army to defeat other players in multiplayer combat.